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door | 8 jan 2022 | COVID-19 vaccin

De aankondiging onder de afbeelding van een tiendelige, gratis serie – die u na afloop van de serie kunt aankopen als u dat zou willen – is in het Engels. De serie is ook in het Engels, en niet door ons ondertiteld. Zeer de moeite waard!

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FOUR COVID SHOTS are the new normal. Omicron panic has taken over the world. Governments are treating unvaccinated people as the enemy. And Pfizer is currently testing its vaccine on 6-month-old babies.

How did we get here?

Remember when they locked down the world in March 2020… They told us it was just to flatten the curve. They said life would get back to normal soon. And they promised vaccines would stop COVID.

After all those lies, the “experts” STILL tell us that experimental COVID vaccines are the ONLY way to stop COVID… That they’re safe — despite so much documented evidence to the contrary… That they’re effective — even though millions of “double-jabbed” people are getting very sick, spreading COVID, and dying…

That we MUST get at LEAST two shots PLUS “boosters” to live “normal lives”… And we have no choice but to comply.

Remember: When it comes to the unapproved, experimental COVID vaccines, what you don’t know WILL hurt you!

In this brand new series dozens of top doctors, scientists, and health experts gives answers to questions like:

• Is this injection really safe to take?

• Why are so many miscarriages happening after taking the injection?

• What is so dangerous about the “spike protein” and why does the injection program our body to produce it?

• Why are U.S. corporations making “contingency plans” for the deaths of their employees who’ve received the injection?

• Why is the injection causing so many blood clots and strokes?

• How many adverse reactions are really happening after taking the injection and why isn’t this number being accurately reported?

• Can this injection permanently impact my brain health? (Sadly, our research shows YES it’s very possible…)

• Were tests manipulated to provide false positives and/or negatives?

• Why would certain doctors I interviewed say things like, “these are not miscarriages, they are murders”?

• What can you do if you’ve already gotten the injection? Are you safe?

• What would cause the medical and scientific community to sweep all of this under the rug and tell us this injection is 100% safe?


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